a tentative step

I’ve considered starting a new blog for years. I’ve had one I rarely write in for a while, but it’s like needing a new journal – sometimes you just get weighed down by the history of the words and stories that have been said before. I have wanted to write a book though, and this seemed like a good way to start.

My first instinct has been to write a memoir. Not because I feel my life is particularly entertaining, but rather because a rough childhood is a difficult place to start from and writing it down and sharing it is empowering. It’s difficult though. How much of myself do I want to share with the world? How much am I willing to give up as a consequence of breaking my silence?

The other option is the novel. Oh my God. It started out as a joke. It really did. My wife has a co-worker that we all genuinely like, but I decided one day that he had a backstory. An enormous and dark backstory that has led to him living remotely and undercover. I sat down one day to write down a dossier on him and it just kept going. Wikipedia was used, my imagination went wild, and now I’ve been pondering an entire series. Unfortunately, it’s all a little too Bond for my taste, but we’ll see I suppose. I’d rather that than writing Romance. Someday, I will figure it out, and I might as well do it semi-publicly.


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