I’m bad at commitments, but I have ADHD so that makes it okay… i think

totally meant to be good about this. Seriously. I did. But I’m scatter brained and that’s my life. I did start writing a novel, but one I never even thought would be in me. I guess if you took a memoir and twisted it into something somewhat fictional, yet true you would get the novel I’m attempting. I was doing great until I wasn’t though.

We moved from our tiny town in Wisconsin this spring back to Des Moines, Iowa. It was a great move. Until insurance decided they were going to pull a Father Knows Best routine and now I’m in the middle of the worst med change I’ve had in years. Started in July and there is no light at the tunnel’s end. I keep reminding myself that depression lies, but that bitch is convincing AF.

It’s been nice to reconnect with friends though. Amazing, really. I, thankfully, have had a lot of amazing people to catch me right now and I’ve needed that. Having people is so important when it comes down to mental illness, or so I’ve found. They can distract you from what’s going on, they can love you when you need it, and they can turn on Doctor Who when the remote is too far away and you’re too depressed to move.  People remind you that you have worth and that laughter is helpful if they can find the right joke.


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