The school year, puberty, and the fact that almost all of Liam’s friends are girls has made living with him a bit of a chore, but for this wonderful weekend, he is off with one of my oldest friends doing “manly” camping things that my wife and I wouldn’t normally do. Let’s be honest – there isn’t a chance I will ever go camping…unless I can camp like Oprah because she has got that together, or did like 5 years ago.

My puppy girl, Clara, is off being pampered by my friend, Libby, and her family. Although with 3 male dogs around her, I’m fairly positive she’s going to be thrilled to come home on Monday evening. She spent most of yesterday afternoon glaring at me from the comfort of Cydney’s lap. 

I watched her get more and more mad as I hauled backpacks, pillows and a suitcase into the living room. After Cydney left, I hauled most of the mess out to the car and when I came back for the last load, the poor baby looked utterly dejected as I looked into her face and asked her:

“Miss Clara? D’you wanna go for a ride?”

I’ve never heard a dog cry out or whimper from joy before, but it was the most adorable and sweet thing I’ve ever seen her do. I felt horrible when she realized I was dropping her with Libby, but hopefully she will be happier when we get her on Monday.


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