Damn I’m awkward..

It’s been an awkward few days. You know when you were once friends with someone and you drift apart and then you run into them and it’s just painfully awkward? That happened to me twice on Sunday. Then yesterday I basically did the polka with some guy on an elevator because he couldn’t figure out if it was his floor or not.

I’m not really a fan of people. Anyways…

The book is coming along, but I’m at a point where it’s all plot. I hate writing plot. I know where I’m headed. I know how it ends. I know the action sequences. I just hate the walk it takes to get there. It’s like walking to Mordor, but less scenic. So instead, I’m drinking cup after cup of tea, ordering Doctor Who funkos, and procrastinating. 

Thankfully my procrastinating is pretty. And since I’m procrastinating, I’m gonna have to post a picture of my Valentine from Sara. It’s epic guys. Seriously.

I named her Jessica and she’s amazing. Lol


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