Sometimes running away IS the best option

Having a 13 year old is hard. The moodiness, the drama, the feeling ways about stuff. Then throw in mental illness and it’s a minefield. This past month the trout (Liam) has been dealing with some PTSD crap from his narcissist father, so we’ve tried to be more gentle with him, but the ODD has decided to make him milk it for everything it’s worth. I’m trying to stay loving and caring, but last week was the last straw, so Sara and I dumped him with our friends along with Princess Clara and ran away to Kansas City.

Living in Des Moines, a lot of my friends were shocked that I’d never been down there, but honestly, who really goes to Missouri unless it’s to buy copious amounts of fireworks (totally kidding, it’s a really pretty state)? My first impression was “what a dump.” but to be fair we were driving through the industrial area at the north. 
It was a lot of fun though. We went to the aquarium and did a little shopping, stayed at a hotel that made me feel poor AF, had an amazing dinner, and I got to go to a 4 story Barnes and Noble. It’s not really as big as the one in Madison, WI, but holy hell, 4 stories of magical books was enough to make me squee. 

Sunday morning, we headed to an exhibition on Pompeii. Seriously, if you live in or are going to KC any time soon, go see it. It’s phenomenal. Then go to the aquarium and Legoland to make the kids jealous. 🙂

Running away from our problems was the right call this weekend. I can handle the trout’s teenager-ness better and things aren’t nearly as bad. Whenever possible, run away.


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