A post baby world

I had my ablation and all went well. It’s been oddly normal. I’d equate it to waking up on your 18th birthday expecting to feel like an adult and it not actually working out that way. I still don’t feel like an adult and greatly appreciate the transformation of “adult” into a verb. Anyways, it was painful, but Sara kept me so doped up on the pain meds that I ended up sleeping for most of the 2 days she was home.

I really expected to feel different. Like I had suddenly become less of a lady because I’d had my girly bits microwaved. For the most part, I feel like me. I’m curious if I’m gonna end up still bleeding, but mostly I’m just hoping this means the end for all the trouble and I won’t have to face a hysterectomy.

The reason I posted about this -inarticulately – is that talking about vaginas, cervixes (cervices?), uteruses (uteri?), and ovaries are such taboo topics. Obviously, because I wasn’t absolutely positive on what the plurals are on the two words that frighten people the most in my experience. These aren’t horrible places, yet we use words like, va-jayjay, poonani, girly bits, or, my personal favourite, the lady garden and we sanitize a place where we’ve all been. A wonderful place that makes babies on its best day and literally can kill us on our worst days. If we can handle commercials about a man needing Viagra or some other testosterone frenzy to ensure lasting virility, I think it’s high time we discussed the lady gardens and helped our daughters and nieces feel better about their womanhood. I also would advocate for a more Sisterhood-esque way of treating one another, but it’s so idealistic. Regardless, women need to come together and love one another and fight together for our words to be normalized and our bodies to be far less taboo. 


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